The Queensbury Academy Year 9’s had a fantastic end to their term with a Rewards Assembly led by Mintridge Ambassador, James Golding.

On Thursday 29th March, Endurance Cyclist and 7 day World Record holder, James travelled to Bradford in between training cycles to share his story with the Queensbury Year 9’s.

Following a short tour of the Academy, James began his presentation in the Main Hall.

“Who likes school?”

“Who likes assembly?”

“Who has aspirations?”

James asked these three questions to his audience to kick start his presentation before moving onto his personal journey, and what a journey he has been on from surviving cancer twice and being hit by a truck to now training to beat his own seven day world record for the most amount of miles cycled. The students were captivated by his messages throughout which included:

  • The importance of a team and loyal support network around you – “You cannot do anything on your own”.
  • The importance of self-belief and aspirations – “If you can believe it, you can achieve it. There will always be people telling you that you can’t. You are all amazing!”

Questions soon came flooding in from the staff and students:

 “Do you ever think, why me?”

“How did you feel when you were first diagnosed with cancer?”

“What are you currently training for?”

James answered each in great detail before departing.

There is always time for a selfie when Mintridge are around and some of the students and staff remained behind at the end of the assembly to enjoy photos with the incredible role model before leaving school for the final time this term. They also had an opportunity to ask more questions if they wanted to.

Thank you very much to Mr Kazi and the Queensbury Academy for welcoming the Mintridge team and for your wonderful hospitality. We look forward to working with you again soon.